Sherry Collier is Founder and CEO of Creative Path to Growth Coaching and Counseling in San Marcos California . . . .

Sherry, like many women, fulfills many different roles in life.  Among these are wife, mother, daughter, sister, speaker, business development consultant, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Expressive Arts Therapist,  and friend.

There are days when Sherry wears several of these hats at once and she knows how difficult it can be for women to juggle their busy lives while staying spiritually and emotionally fulfilled while living out their unique purpose.  This is why she founded WomenWhoThrive.com.  To empower, encourage and equip women to succeed.  Sherry believes her life purpose is to help women discover their unique purpose and passion.  Her goal is to provide information and resources related to health, fitness, emotional health, spiritual well-being, and business, career or ministry success to women who are ready to rise up to their calling.

Ever since Sherry was a little girl, she was putting together newsletters.  The family news, newsletters for fellow-students in middle school . . . any group of people who might want to read the goings-on of related organizations.  There was the fascination with magazines, books and journals.  Sherry has always been an avid reader and writer – interested in anything related to improving the quality of life for people, animals and organizations.

Sherry specializes in helping the creative and caring entrepreneurs get clear on their business model, map out a business plan and get on the road to profitability through a business that fulfills their life purpose.  Her passion is to help business owners or aspiring business owners discover their true purpose and build or grow the business to which they have been called.

Sherry’s favorite thing to do in her personal life is to be an emotionally present and nurturing parent to her two boys ages 10 and 13 while remaining connected and in love with her wonderful husband Andy.  She is an avid hiker, nature lover, artist and student of the Bible.  She prizes her relationship with God and knows that when she puts her relationship with God first, everything else in life flows much more smoothly.